Allied GIS provides spatially-enabled databases using ESRI Geodatabase technology (10x). These datasets can be integrated with RDBMS and / or internet solutions. They can be viewed, queried and printed using ArcView, ArcMap, ArcGIS Online or ArcGIS Server.  And we can “host and post” for you in a secured environment. Imagine … all of your project information available to your team via a few clicks of a button … everyone on the “same sheet of music” … no more searching for the latest project changes, spreadsheets, pictures, or reports. Let our GIS practices reduce the cost of your projects.

An example can be viewed at

Need GIS or GPS training?  We can help here, too. Whether we are training newbies, mid-range, or advanced users, we have the expertise and patience to support any level of GIS or GPS Analyst.

Slammed and need someone to QA your aerial or LiDAR imagery or hydrographic surveying data?  We have in-house experts who can lighten your load. We can provide 3rd Party QA on most datasets.

Don't have the GIS / GPS staff or time? Contact us - we can provide on-site or off-site support.

Allied GIS, Inc.

We Map the World

Innovation, expertise, and flexibility: these are the focuses of our endeavors.  At Allied GIS, we offer our clients innovative solutions that work within your budget and time frame, creating GIS systems or products that best suits your needs. Our in-house expertise brings a wealth of knowledge to our projects – we know the “tried and true” methods that work. We keep our project methodologies flexible so we can implement emerging technologies.  Blending proven developmental expertise, projects insights, and over 80 years of experience, we bring state of the art solutions to you.

Let our dedicated team of professionals help you leverage your GIS and deliver practical, affordable mapping projects for your business today.